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Hi! I’m Brandy . . . mom, picker, antique dealer, farmer’s wife, psychologist, cattle seller, taxi driver, painter, decorator, cook, coach and more.

Just like all of you amazing women.

Yes, we have lots of roles, jobs and responsibilities . . . WE ARE WOMEN.

One day, I woke up, quit my counseling job and started on a journey that has brought me to this place, these days, these moments.

I awakened to a world where I could be fulfilled and along the way found so many good people–my tribe.

And each and every day I’m joined by invaluable new members of it. They are what fills my heart!

About Brandy

By being involved with any of the pursuits you find here, know that I truly want to make a difference in how you feel.

Whether it be my products, my posts, my videos, my shop or my classes, I want to help you explore new and creative expressions of YOU.

Believe that you can do anything. I believe in you. Bless your soul, find your path, make your life a treasure!

Brand E Online

BrandE Online

Teddy’s Timeless Treasures

8195 S Hwy 89
Willard, UT 84340



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